Amp up the cool factor of your workspace with this deal for the iQ Gravity Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

The Gravity speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. technology which makes it fully backward-compatible and is optimised for long battery life – up to 7 hours on a single charge in fact. Measuring at roughly the size of a tennis ball, the floating speaker is packed with some serious audio skills to ensure your playlist never sounds muted or distorted.

The hovering orb-shaped speaker can be used independent of its base stand and taken with you to act a portable speaker. Plus, as a result of having a magnet built-in, you can magnetically attach the speaker to any compatible surface. For example, you can connect it to various household items like a fridge door, a metal hinge, a steel chair and enjoy your favourite songs in the kitchen or anywhere where space is limited; stick it to a tent pole and use it on camping trips; attach it to your bike when cycling…..the amount of applications are endless!

You’ll usually have to pay £99.98 for this speaker but the folks at Laptops Direct are currently selling this for £44.97. That’s 55% off the retail price! Visit this their website for the complete details: