The newly announced MOVETRACK by Alcatel is designed for those tricky situations, such as, lost luggage or when your pet goes missing. The Alcatel MOVETRACK is a portable GPS tracker weighs only 33 grams, which you can hook onto your luggage or slip onto a keychain. The MOVETRACK can also be used to track your pet by simply attaching to the pet’s collar. It allows you to track of what matters most, all remotely.Alcatel MOVETRACK Lets You Track Your Pets and Luggage Weboo-co-2Alcatel MOVETRACK features real-time tracking for up to 4 days’ standby time. Using the Virtual Fence app, you can receive notifications when an item enters or leaves a pre-programmed safe zone. You can also check the location-tracking history for extra reassurance.Alcatel MOVETRACK Lets You Track Your Pets and Luggage Weboo-co-1The Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker comes in a choice of colours including; Black and White. It will go on sale starting from the end of September 2016.