Apple's Face ID facial recognition may soon come to Samsung phones - new patent reveals
Face ID facial recognition

According to a new patent, Samsung phones may start using facial recognition technology which is similar to Apple’s Face ID.

There is a big possibility that Samsung is putting the finishing touches on a new innovative facial recognition technology. One that employs two cameras hidden beneath the display itself. As it was explained in a patent application Samsung submitted to the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) in March of 2021. The details of the new patent were made available to the public a week ago, and it was discovered by an online media website in the Netherlands.

Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent 3
Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent

The patent concept is pretty simple: the facial recognition technology collects several photographs of the user from two angles in order to better develop a 3-D – dimensional model of the face and utilise it for authentication.

Samsung patent also mentioned employing under-display cameras, which is very intriguing in itself. Until recently, the South Korean company has mostly just dabbled with the technology on its Galaxy Fold line, with no wider rollout. One possibility is that Samsung is considering this new dual UDC technology for their foldable phones. While this may be true, we think that the technology has larger ramifications and that the urge to use UDC cameras arises from the requirement to have the two cameras as far apart as possible to acquire two separate perspectives of the user’s face. This may require installing a camera near the bottom of the phone, near where the under-display fingerprints are now located. Maybe even integrating the two into a single optical module.

Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent
Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent

The patent does not go into great detail. It does, however, show a prototype of a standard “slab” style handset with two UDC cameras – one is on top and one on the bottom. Another feature described in the new patent is indeed the ability to measure pupil size. The concept is that a human’s pupil size changes based on the lighting environment. This could be utilized as an additional security step to prevent the use of photographs or masks to fool face authentication.

Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent
Samsung Face ID facial recognition patent

Face ID for Samsung phones

The patent is an exciting concept, so we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Nonetheless, we might see future Samsung Galaxy phones come with the new technology.

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