Garmin has announced the vívofit 3, a daily activity tracker with one-year battery life and Garmin Move IQ. The vívofit 3 adds new features, including Move IQ auto activity detection and intensity minutes. Capturing activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training, the vívofit 3 keeps up with users throughout the entire day.

The vívofit 3 is designed for 24/7 wearability, it is water resistant to 50 meters and featuring a user replaceable battery that lasts up to one year, users rarely ever have to take off their vívofit . It can be customized with an array of colourful interchangeable accessory bands, designs from the Garmin Style Collection and new styles from the Jonathan Adler + Garmin line.

It features a backlit display that shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes and time of day. Its move bar with audible alert reminds users when they have been inactive too long. A couple minutes of activity will reset the move bar, keeping users motivated to stay continuously active during their day which can help counter the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
garmin-vivofit-3-activity-fitness-tracker-with-one-year-battery-life-vivofit3-black-analogThe Move IQ is a new feature that continuously monitors for periods of sustained activity, the vívofit 3 automatically recognizes walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training. By accessing Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community that the vívofit 3 automatically syncs to throughout the day, users will be able to analyse a complete picture of daily activities in a convenient Time-line view. They can also track sleep patterns and trends, join online challenges to compete against friends and earn virtual badges.

The vívofit 3 will be available for sale in Q2 2016 from It will be available bundled with a regular or extra large sized black band for $99.99, a regular sized white band for $99.99, and a regular sized dark camo band for $109.99. The Garmin Style Collection’s Gabrielle bundle will include a small sized black quilted band and white waves band for $119.99.

Interchangeable accessory bands will be available in regular and extra large sized two packs for $29.99 each. Two pack options include marsala and white, slate and borealis, slate and marsala, camo and orange, and pink camo and white.

The Jonathan Adler + Garmin for vívofit 3 Bali and Capri two pack designs will be available in regular sized bands for $39.99. The Alexandra accessory pack from the Garmin Style Collection will include three small sized bands (designs include white quilted, pink waves, and blue braided) for $39.99.