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Google introduced a plethora of new items during its Made by Google event, one of which being the company’s first ever smartwatch. The first-ever smartwatch released by the American technology giant was given the name Pixel Watch and received a great deal of attention.

However, in contrast to the Pixel 7 series duo that was also unveiled at the aforementioned event, the Pixel Watch has not been exposed to a deconstruction up until this point.

iFixit has, much to the joy of many who have been waiting for a full video deconstruction of the smart wearable, performed exactly that teardown. The Google Pixel Watch was subjected to the very first such disassembly, which provides us with a look inside the circular wearable.

First things first, iFixit heats the top glass in order to release the glue. The employees at iFixit reported that the top glass was surprisingly easy to dislodge. Nevertheless, there was a little bit of a grip as they pulled off the final part.

This is a noteworthy indication that the IP rating is not merely a marketing ploy. For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, the Pixel Watch has a water resistant rating of 5 ATM. It appears that the stainless steel case of the smartwatch has a very slightly domed top.

The next phase in the disassembly process entailed removing the screen. On the other hand, it was necessary to remove the battery in order to remove the screen.

In the course of this procedure, iFixit detaches the Premium haptics vibrator from the smartwatch and applies heat to the underside of the device in an effort to detach it, but it is still connected.

This exposes the display cable and makes it possible for iFixit to completely remove the screen. The 294mAh battery pack, on the other hand, is held in place by additional screws, which can be removed in the end.

The following activity required removing the Speaker. It is interesting to note that the casing does not appear to be directly linked to the component at any point during the disassembly process.

After that, both the optical sensor and the depth sensor are disconnected and uninstalled. The optical sensor’s job is to read the notches that are cut into the side-mounted crown.

Using a variety of screws, there are health sensors that are fastened to the motherboard. Because of this, the back glass is not difficult to replace at all. However, iFixit was unable to remove the side button or the crown from the device.

Additionally, iFixit was unable to test the port when it was attached to the stainless case. To put it another way, the buttons on the Google Pixel Watch are so integrated that they are essentially unreplaceable. On the other hand, the rear of the Pixel Watch can be removed, something that Apple didn’t do until the ninth version of the Apple Watch.

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