We’re Hiring Content Writers

We are looking for talented content writers to join our team at Weboo.co

You should be able to write multiple news stories a day about the latest technology, electronic products and gadgets. You must be able to include a good amount of critical curiosity and sense of humour to make articles interesting.


  • You must be able to write your own contents (No Copy & Paste from other websites).
  • You must be able to write quickly and accurately.
  • You are required to write a minimum of 5 articles per day (500 – 1500 words each).
  • You must include tags & media contents (1 -5 images & videos) to each article.
  • Articles need to be interesting, informative and useful to our online users.
  • You must have some knowledge and familiarity with online publishing tools and HTML.
  • You must be able to come up with fresh ideas and add your touch of creativity to your contents.


Job Title: Content Writer
Language: English
Payment: Depends on Applicant
Job Duration: 1 – 6 months (depending on quality)
Total Number Of Articles: 150 Per Month
Starting Time: Immediately (once selected)

All articles will be checked before they go live on our site. Article’s template & layout requirements will be emailed to you, if you are selected. If you are interested, please get in touch by contacting Weboo’s Staff and provide your mail; full name, address, country, telephone number and why do you think you are suitable for this post.

Thank you 🙂