It seems that the guys at Huawei have too much time on their hands for deciding to send the Honor 8 smartphone on a mission to space. In fact, the Chinese company is trying to enter the Guinness Book World of Records by attempting to set the record for the highest smartphone livestream.

According to the video which was streamed live, the Honor 8 was first attached to a weather balloon and then released into the air, leaving its launch base – the Swedish Esrange Space Center; a rocket range and research centre located outside the town of Kiruna in northern Sweden.

The Honor 8 reached an altitude of 18,421.4 metres (18.4 km), before descending back to earth. The Honor 8 has actually managed to reach the earth’s second atmosphere layer; the stratosphere layer, also known as the ozone layer, this is the earth’s surface which absorbs and scatters the solar ultraviolet radiation.

It is quite impressive though as the device seems to handle the high altitude and change in atmosphere and temperature, but was that enough for the Honor 8 to enter the Guinness Book World of Records? Well, so it seems! According to Huawei, the Honor 8 is now officially the world’s highest smartphone to live stream from 18.4 km above the earth.

Well Done Huawei!