If you are a fan of the newly revamped Nokia 3310 phone, you will be glad to hear that the iconic phone is now available for sale in the UK for £49.99. The phone can be purchased from high street retailers including Vodafone and the Carphone Warehouse.

The Nokia 3310 was first launched in 2000, but then discontinued five years later. One of the key features of the phone was its battery life, Snake game and the indestructible design, no wonder Nokia has produced 126 million units of the device.

Well, the good news is that the new version of the old retro Nokia 3310 also comes with a longer battery life and the classic Snake game. The new version of the Nokia 3310 has a battery life that lasts up to a month on a standby mode, compared to the 11 days in the original model.

The new device also comes with some modern touches such as; a colour screen, 2-Megapixel camera and a microSD card slot for extra storage space. It also offers 2.5G connectivity, allowing users to access the basic internet, but sorry guys, there is no Wi-Fi connectivity. The Nokia 3310 comes in a choice of vibrant colours including; Red, Yellow as well as White and Black.