If you’re the sort of person that loves watching action replays, then the iON The Game Action Camcorder is for you.

Capturing full HD video at 1080p with playback possible at 30 fps, The Game offers detailed, slow motion replay for you to analyse and enjoy. It’s also possible to take still photos or time-lapse sequence with the 5 megapixel image sensor, ideal for capturing something unique.

Instantly playback your recordings for analysis with the 2” LCD colour screen, great for checking out your golf putts or tennis swings.

Take your analysis one step further with Powerchalk, free cloud based sports analysis software which lets you upload your practise swings to compare them to professional players.

Currys slashed £20.00 off the original price for the Mega Deal promotions so pay only £129.00. Check out the full details here.