iReality? Maybe Not - Apple files trademark for ‘Reality One’ VR headset

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We were expecting to see iReality VR headset from Apple, but instead, the giant tech company has filed a completely different trademark names for what appears to be the next virtual reality headset that we should see soon at the Apple retail stores.

Apple has registered a number of new trademarks linked to its augmented reality/virtual reality headgear. While the company’s mixed reality gadget has yet to be unveiled, the new trademarks indicate a significant push for “Reality” marketing and language.

The names of Apple VR headsets

Apple registered three distinct trademarks in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. According to reports, they include; “Reality One“, “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor“.

Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor trademarks.Source: US Trademark and Patent Office
Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor trademarks. Source: US Trademark and Patent Office

Each of the trademarks was submitted using a shell corporation that Apple has previously utilised for trademark filings. Immersive Health Solutions, LLC filed the three trademarks indicated above. This same corporation was originally registered by Corporation Trust Co., which is simply an Apple shell company. Corporation Trust Co. appears on the previously reported realityOS trademark.

It appears that Apple is doubling down on the “Reality” moniker associated with their headgear. In addition to realityOS, the three new trademarks hint at what Apple may be intending to announce in the future.

The term “Reality Processor” most likely refers to the processor that powers the gadget.
According to reports, this might be an M2 chip or something similar. “Reality One” on the other hand, might be a reference to the name of the gadget or to Apple’s AR/VR ecosystem of applications and services. Finally, “Reality Pro” might refer to a more expensive version of the headset. Apple, like the iPhone, may be working on a high-end version of its headgear.

The price of Apple Reality One VR headsets

Aside from trademarks, Apple has provided little clear information on the headgear.
According to previous rumours, the headgear would include two 4K monitors, 3D sensors, and a futuristic style. However, Apple’s first-generation headgear is projected to be expensive. Analysts predict the headgear will cost around $3,000 USD (around £2,560).

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the headgear will be available in early 2023.
If the information is correct, a formal announcement might be on the horizon soon. However, given that Apple’s September event will most likely focus on the iPhone and Apple Watch, we may have to wait a bit longer.

The launch date of Apple VR headset

In other Apple-related news, it appears that the company will unveil a new high-end version of its wearable called the Apple Watch Pro during its forthcoming hardware presentation on September 7th. We may see Apple’s VR headsets launched at the event, that remains to be unknown at this point.

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