Indian smartphones maker, Karbonn, has released its portable power banks and screen guards accessories. The power banks comes in three sizes; Karbonn Polymer 5 PowerBank 5000mAh, Karbonn Polymer 7 PowerBank 7000mAh and Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank 10000mAh.

Karbonn Polymer 5 PowerBank 5000mAh

Karbonn Polymer 5 PowerBanks 5000mah-battery

The  Karbonn Polymer 5 PowerBank  has a 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery with DC 5V 1A input and DC 5V 2A output. It is compact and lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere without any hassle. The Karbonn Polymer 5 PowerBank measures 116 x 65 x 8.2 mm and weighs 120 grams, and comes in Blue, Copper and White. The Polymer 5 PowerBank retails for Rs 1040.

Karbonn Polymer 7 PowerBank 7000mAh

Karbonn Polymer 7 PowerBanks 7000mah-battery

The  Karbonn Polymer 7 PowerBank  has a 7000mAh Lithium Polymer battery with DC 5V 1.5 A input and DC 5V 1A/2.1A output. It features an Intelligent IC for Protection; Dual Charging Mode and Torch, and can be easily carried anywhere to power your devices on the go. The Karbonn Polymer 7 PowerBank measures 128 x 65 x 14.5mm and weighs 150 grams and comes in Pink, White and Orange and retails for Rs 1299.

Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank 10000mAh

Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBanks 10000mah-battery

The  Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank  is the largest in the range with its 10000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and has DC 5V 1.5A input and DC 5V 1A/2A output. It is also portable to be carried around and has an LED Torch and Micro SD Card slot. The Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank measures 139 x 75 x 11mm and weighs 215 grams and is available in Black and White. The Polymer 10 PowerBank costs Rs 1640.

The Ultra Clear screen guards from Karbonn has a superior scratch resistance made for Karbonn’s own smartphones devices. Both the Ultra Clear screen protectors and the Polymer PowerBanks are available to purchase from online retailers such as; SnapDeal and other various e-commerce portals.