LG shows off the World's Largest 97-inch OLED TV and it's not cheap
LG World's Largest OLED TV

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LG showed off the world’s biggest OLED TV, which has a 97-inch screen, and is about the size of a double bed. The LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV is on display at the IFA 2022 in Berlin. It will go on sale by the end of the year.

LG didn’t share the price tags of its huge OLED TV, but it’s thought to cost shoppers more than £20,000 (~ about $23,000).


Organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, work by sending electricity through materials that light up in red, green, and blue.

This is the only way that colour can be made on a TV. LCDs, for example, make images by blocking light with colour filters and liquid crystals.

Meanwhile, plasmas use UV light to make red, green, and blue phosphors by setting off pockets of gas.

This means that OLEDs can be thinner and more flexible than any other kind of TV on the market right now.

LG said that the launch dates for “key markets” will be made clear in the coming weeks.

OLED TVs use self-lit pixels that can be turned on and off individually to show “perfect blacks and incredibly natural colours.”

But LG calls this new TV a “OLED evo,” which is a term that the Korean company made up to describe an OLED screen that is brighter.

The huge, wall-mounted TV is part of LG’s G2 line of TVs, which are based on OLED display technology and have 4K resolution and a flat design.

It also has “advanced AI-based image processing technologies” that make images look real and give a cinematic and immersive viewing experience.

LG said in a statement, “The 97-inch G2 model is the world’s largest OLED TV. Its self-lit OLED picture quality brings a whole new level of home entertainment.”

LG OLED has been the choice of millions of people around the world for nine years in a row, making it the undisputed leader of the global premium TV market.

LG’s huge new model hasn’t been released yet, but it probably will be before the World Cup starts on November 20.

Leo Gebbie, an analyst for connected devices at CCS Insight, said, “World Cup fever has always been a good way to boost TV sales.”

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