LG Electronics today has introduced the newest version of its mid-range Bluetooth stereo headset, LG TONE ULTRA (model HBS-810). The new HBS-810 headset is an upgraded version of its successor, the TONE ULTRA HBS-800 model. The new HBS-810 model comes with premium features and is designed to provide an enhanced audio experience at reasonable price.

LG Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Headset Introduced price specifications

The latest TONE ULTRA headphones deliver premium quality sound made possible through collaboration with JBL, one of the world’s leading audio electronics specialists.

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The TONE ULTRA’s Quad-Layer Speaker Technology provides enhanced bass and middle-range tones, and boosts overall sound quality through optimized audio equalization. The flexible silicone gel ear pieces fill the ear cavity, providing maximum sound insulation and clearer music playback with very little outside interference.

The new TONE ULTRA also comes LG’s wire management technology makes the ear buds completely retractable, leaving no tangled wires and helping the headset maintain its sleek profile at all times. The two-way jog button makes it easy to control volume as well as content with options like fast-forward and rewind readily available.

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The TONE ULTRA HBS-810 will go on sale starting in late August in the United States, followed by key markets in Asia and Europe. Details of price and availability will be announced locally at the time of launch.

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