Mobile battery case brand; mophie — is bringing wireless charging to the Google Pixel XL with its newest battery case. The juice pack is made for Google Pixel XL extends talk time to over 50 hours with a rechargeable 2,950mAh battery, and features charge force wireless power for effortless charging throughout the day.

The juice pack made for Google Pixel XL is also compatible with Qi and other popular wireless charging systems, including those found at airports, restaurants, coffee houses, in furniture and many new vehicles. When a quick charge is needed, the USB-C port on the juice pack provides fast-charging speeds at 15 Watts to power your phone up in a hurry.

The juice pack made for Google Pixel XL is equipped with mophie’s signature features, including:

  • High-impact protection: Internal rubberized support pads built to withstand drops and hard falls.
  • Lightweight, low-profile design: Raised corners provide added protection against scratched and cracked screens.
  • Priority+ charging: The phone charges first, and then the juice pack battery.
  • Forward-facing speaker ports: Sound is amplified and redirected out the front of the case.
  • LED power indicator: Turn the juice pack battery on/off or press to display battery levels and charge status.

The mophie juice pack made for Google Pixel XL is now available at and Verizon retail locations for $99.95.