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The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is clearly not designed to impress!

The gray-black (graphite) metal case of the Galaxy Book has smooth, matte surfaces. Sleek and sleek, the laptop doesn’t have any flashy design features, but its thin exterior is enough to make it look eye-catching.

The notebook does not show any manufacturing defects. Gaps are accurate and there are no material protrusions. Lightweight construction comes at a price. The hinges hold the screen firmly in place, but it wobbles a bit. Opening the lid is possible with one hand. The thinness of the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is the main reason why it works so well as a 2-in-1 device.

Evolution, not resolution.

The screen is superbly bright, extremely colorful, and offers an impressive contrast. Some may be dismayed that Samsung is once again sticking with a Full HD panel here, but the lack of pixels doesn’t tell the whole story. This AMOLED screen is stunning.

The sound is in all the right places, even for such a thin device, as well as retaining detail and accuracy at high volumes. They’re not quite at MacBook level, but they’re up there with the excellent Dell XPS speakers.

The graphite treatment adds elegance to the device. While the chassis feels smooth and sturdy, it smudges easily even with clean hands. This isn’t a solution, but it was disappointing to see my fingerprints all over the laptop after every use.

The screen resolution tops out at 1080p. While I would have preferred a minimum resolution of 1440p for a 15-inch laptop, the rich image quality of the AMOLED screen made the lower pixel count negligible. While a 2K or 4K screen would be better, a Full HD display is good enough.

Perhaps more disappointing is the fact that there’s no slot to store the included S Pen stylus. There’s a magnetic area on the lid to attach it to while you’re working, but you’ll need to find another place to store it when you take it out to your laptop bag.

Keyboard, touchpad, stylus, and webcam.

Fortunately, the keyboard does not have such problems. Sure, the keys are a little shallow on the go, but they have good feedback and are comfortable to type on. The left Shift and Ctrl keys are on the small side, as are the cursor keys, but otherwise, there’s nothing problematic about the layout.

The touchpad is also reliable and responsive and doesn’t suffer from the annoying random activation issues found on some touchpads.


In our 4K media benchmarks, the Core i7-1260P pushes it to the top of the list among lightweight productivity laptops. In the multitasking element of the Geekbench 5 test, it’s a clear winner, beating the M1 MacBook Air and even the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U-powered Asus ZenBook 13 S OLED I recently reviewed.

On average, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 hangs with the rest of the pack, performing better in some benchmarks than others. You won’t mistake it for a professional workstation or content creation laptop, but it fits nicely into the tier below as a sleek desktop replacement. It is perfectly suited for general use and office productivity.

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