The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S View Standing Cover Accessory is light and portable protective cover, which can easily change into a stand in just one swift move. When opened, it can be used to prop up the smartphone at 60 degrees—an optimized angle for watching videos.

This will enable you to take advantage of the powerful entertainment features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, such as its HDR technology, which provides a more true-to-life picture quality. As a result, the S View Standing Cover is ideal for TV fans, film buffs and YouTube enthusiasts who enjoy watching video content on the device’s large display.Galaxy Note7 Accessory-S view Standing Cover-Weboo-co-1The S View Standing cover boasts a front transparent window, so even when it’s closed, you can still see important information on the Galaxy Note 7’s Always On Display. This S View Standing Cover is actually an upgraded version of the S View Cover, which was introduced in 2013 with the release of the Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S View Standing cover accessory comes in a choice of colours including; Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Yellow. Although the the official retail price of the S View Standing cover is yet to be confirmed, the new accessory is expected to be made available for sale via, and in the next few weeks. If you can’t wait, the S View Standing Cover can be purchased from sellers on eBay for under $50 USD.