Samsung is planning to remove physical buttons from future Galaxy phones
Buttons-Free Future Samsung Galaxy phone - Samsung Galaxy S25 (Twitter)

Future Samsung Galaxy devices may lack buttons. We might never see physical buttons (Power, Vol-Up and Vol-Down) on future Samsung phones such as; Samsung Galaxy S25 – According to reports, all buttons will be part of the display using software.

Samsung may remove all physical buttons from future flagship phones, including the power button and volume rocker. This transition is expected to occur in a few years, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the next Galaxy S23 series missing these essential functions.

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The rumour, which certainly seems ridiculous, suggests that the power and volume buttons keys will be completely replaced by software. It's unclear how this new buttonless method will work, but the source believes it won't be available for the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold5 or Galaxy Z Flip5 lines until next year.

The rumour goes much more ambitious, claiming that the Galaxy S25 will be the first smartphone from Samsung to be released without physical buttons. Of course, based on Samsung's regular release calendar, the Galaxy S25 is more than two years away from its potential debut, and it seems premature to forecast the series' fate a few years down the road.

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Nonetheless, based on these tweets, the buttonless Galaxy S25 could be an exclusive smartphone for KT Corporation, South Korea's second-largest wireless carrier. In other words, while the worldwide Galaxy S25 edition may still have physical buttons, the KT-exclusive variant may have a different design and additional software functions to compensate for the loss of physical buttons.

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It's important to take this information with a dose of caution and don't make any decisions based on it just yet. Not to mention, we've heard about this purported design change before. The Galaxy Note 10 was believed to be ditching physical keys a few years ago, and a slew of other Samsung patents depicting buttonless devices have been floating around for years. With that in mind, physical keys may or may not disappear. But, supposing this outlandish claim is true, how do you expect Samsung will implement this modification, and perhaps more interestingly, why? Please share your theories in the comments section.

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