360 Circular Cassette Design

Samsung has announced a range of innovative system air conditioning solutions for the North American HVAC marketplace, at the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando. The lineup includes the 360 Cassette air conditioner, DVMS 18-ton, DVMS Max-Heat, DVM Chiller and a variety of Samsung’s smart vertical solutions that will appeal to hotels and building managers.

Together, these innovations in HVAC engineering are set to transform the air conditioning marketplace by boosting energy efficiency and performance, maximizing space and increasing cooling speed. Samsung, which is seeking to expand its footprint in North America, will showcase many of its innovative smart home products at its specially designed, 2,500 sq. ft AHR Expo booth (#4659). The company will also highlight the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to modernize building systems and system management, and achieve greater energy conservation.

The innovative design of the 360 Cassette unit transforms air flow. The unique booster fan inside the 360 Cassette guides air to form a complete horizontal flow, generating multiple layers of chilled air. Samsung’s circular air wave consistently controls the temperature of the room by providing an even distribution of air across a full 360 degree range. Bladeless flow control ensures fast comfortable cooling without the cold draft, by delivering 100 percent of air volume compared to traditional four-way Cassette units, which can lose up to 25 percent of air volume. As a result, cooling speed is increased by 34 percent.

The 360 Cassette combines remarkable performance with an elegant design which can blend in and enhance any setting. The unit features a stylish and intuitive panel display that allows users to change the air flow according to their preference. Users can choose from three settings including horizontal, vertical and separate zone control air flow.

Samsung DVM Chiller
Samsung DVM Chiller

The DVMS 18-ton features a compact design with a large capacity, to maximize the efficient use of space in the installation site, lowering the required space and weight by 40 and 31 percent, respectively. When individual modules are combined, the capacity can be expanded to 44 tons. To increase energy efficiency, the new DVSM also leverages Samsung’s Super Inverter Scroll Compressor, which has been optimized, as well as a hybrid heat exchanger.

The DVMS Max-Heat solution utilizes Flash Injection technology to ensure 100 percent heating capacity at -13°F. It is specifically designed for optimum performance in the cold winters of the northern United States and Canada.

The new DVM Chiller is a powerful system that combines an air-cooled chiller with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) in a compact unit. Because it does not require a separate cooling tower, it is capable of dramatically decreasing the size of the installation area by 21 percent. It also boasts a best-in-class efficiency rating of IPLV 20.5, which represents a 54 percent improvement over conventional chillers.