Samsung phones may acquire Apple's satellite capability
Apple's emergency sos via satellite

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Apple’s satellite connectivity function could be included to upcoming Samsung phones. Samsung is apparently going to follow in Apple’s lead by including satellite connectivity on future Galaxy handsets.

Samsung made no effort to mock Apple for not introducing any new features with the iPhone 14 line. The latest advertisement from the Korean smartphone tech company even poked fun at Apple prior of the firm’s Far Out event.

The new iPhones continue to get criticism for having little improvements over the iPhone 13 series. Some Apple enthusiasts, on the other hand, lauded the iPhone 14 series for including satellite connectivity compatibility.

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In fact, one of the most prominent features of the new iPhone 14 is satellite connectivity. iPhone 14 series owners can now send emergency SOS texts via satellite even when there is no network coverage.

In the Mate 50 series commercial, Huawei hinted a similar functionality. Despite mocking Apple for its "lack of innovation," it appears like Samsung may try to emulate Apple's lead after all.

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According to noted leakster Ricciolo, Samsung may be planning to include satellite networking functionality in its upcoming Galaxy handsets. As a result, upcoming Galaxy smartphones, along with the Galaxy S23 range, may enable satellite connectivity.

However, the source did not specify whether the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 generation will include this emergency capability. However, it would not be shocking if the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first Samsung phone to include satellite communication.

It's worth noting that the current-generation iPhone 14 models will get satellite connectivity in November. Furthermore, for the time being, the feature will only be available in Canada and the United States.

According to reports, Apple is planning to make the capability available to iPhone 14 owners in other countries late this year. For those who are unaware, Huawei pioneered satellite connectivity before Apple.

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According to the popular brand, the Huawei Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro will allow users to send brief text messages via China's global BeiDou satellite network. This will improve communication in areas of the country where there is no network.

Whereas Apple, depends on the Globalstar network for the Emergency SOS via satellite feature. The service that Samsung intends to use is still unknown. In the following days, the South Korean tech business may reveal more details about its plans to launch the satellite connectivity capability.

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