Samsung's Expert RAW app improves photography quality on Galaxy flagships phones
Samsung Galaxy flagship phone

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In October, Samsung plans to provide a number of “professional-grade shooting functions” for selected flagship Galaxy smartphones. The company made this promise earlier this year.

Following the recent news that the free Expert RAW photography software offered by the firm will be receiving an updated version with new features, a moderator on Samsung’s official community forum made the announcement. Other than the fact that they would produce a “real professional camera,” no other specifications have been disclosed as of yet. The moderator has assured us that we will receive information “at the proper time” on the specifics of these newly added features.

If it weren’t for a comment that was virtually a throwaway on a support form post promoting the current version of Expert RAW, which just yesterday received two modest but useful changes, we wouldn’t have heard about Samsung’s future camera intentions.

The app now provides users with the ability to store their preferred camera settings in the form of a preset that can be retrieved at any time. Additionally, the software has been updated to allow users to choose between shooting in raw or jpeg format, so users will no longer be required to store their photos in both file types concurrently. Because raw files are far more substantial than jpegs, this function will drastically reduce the amount of storage space necessary in the event that raw files are not required.

Expert RAW is a feature that can only be found on high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphones that includes sophisticated camera capabilities like as ISO, shutter speed, and manual focus. This feature is currently limited to a small but expanding list of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Users will also have the opportunity to store images in a raw format of high quality, comparable to Apple’s ProRAW function, which is included on the company’s premium “Pro” model iPhones. When shooting in raw mode, you may achieve the highest possible image quality from your camera sensor, which enables you to snap higher-quality photographs in more difficult lighting conditions.

Expert RAW is presently available for use on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is also compatible with the whole Galaxy S22 lineup. This year, we will also provide support for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices.

A new feature has been added that allows you to save frequently used camera settings and use them again for the next shot.

1. Save settings

When the user changes the camera settings, the + icon is activated and the currently set camera settings can be saved .

2. Apply setting value

If there are previously saved settings, you can select a pre-saved preset, and when the preset is applied, the preset icon changes to yellow .

You can also cancel presets by using the Reset Existing Camera Settings function .

3. Delete set value

If the saved settings are no longer in use, they can also be deleted by long-pressing each preset .

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