Sony’s newly announced h.ear on Wireless NC Bluetooth headphones stand out from the crowd with its impressive detailed listening and head-turning looks. The h.ear range from Sony combines High-Resolution Audio capability with bold, distinctive design. Vibrant sound has never looked so good.
sony hear on WirelessNC colours newThe Digital Noise Cancelling instantly makes ambient sounds fade away, letting you focus on the music and nothing else. AI Noise Cancelling constantly analyses ambient sounds around you, automatically selecting the most effective noise cancelling mode to suit the environment you’re in. Even with Bluetooth and noise cancelling switched on, a huge 20-hour battery life offers plenty of stamina for that transcontinental trip – or just some valuable ‘me time’ during a busy day.

sony hear on WirelessNC coloursSony h.ear on Wireless NC fit comfortably over the ear, immersing you in crystal clear High-Resolution Audio compatible sound with powerfully precise bass and beautifully transparent highs, powered by a 40 mm HD driver unit. Audio quality is further enhanced by coating the diaphragm domes with titanium to suppress unwanted vibrations and reproduce crystal clear sound with high linearity. Specially designed ear pads boost wear comfort while minimising sound leakage to ensure your music won’t disturb anyone else.
sony hear on wireless NC foldOffering the freedom of wireless listening, the smooth, compact design has a seamless finish and the fit of the headphones has designed to be incredibly sure with no gap around the head. The Sony h.ear on Wireless NC comes in Cinnabar Red, Bordeaux Pink, Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue and Charcoal Black. The new range of h.ear on Wireless NC headphones will be available in Europe in April 2016 from Sony and other retailers with a retail price of approximately €300 (~$323 – £226 – $462 AUD).