The Specifications of Google Pixel Tablet have just surfaced online
Google Pixel Tablet (Google)

More Specifications of Google’s next Pixel tablet have been discovered in the most recent leak.

We haven’t been officially provided with very many data about the Google Pixel Tablet quite yet, other than the facts that it already exists and will be released in 2023. Leaks, although unofficial, are helping to fill in a few gaps concerning what we might expect from such a device.

According to various reports, the Google Pixel Tablet has supposedly now undergone its engineering validation test (EVT) phase. This indicates that it has moved past the prototype stage and is currently being tested internally.

Regarding the technical specifications, it appears that 128GB as well as 256GB storage choices will be available in the near future. The tablet is also reported to feature Wi-Fi 6 and will arrive with a display that is 10.95 inches in size, which is surely going to be on the large side for what we believe to be an affordable tablet.
Putting all of the parts together

Some of the features that have been believed to be included in the most recent leak have been discussed in the past. For instance, there is reported to be a stylus developed by Google that is being made for the Pixel Tablet, and we have previously heard that the device would come with stylus compatibility.

Earlier speculations suggested that the tablet would come equipped with 4GB of RAM when it was released. When you factor in the fact that the gadget will be powered by the very first generation of Google’s Tensor chipset, it becomes clear that this product will be positioned at the more cheap end of the market.

However, consumers who are looking for a premium choice may also have something to get excited about, as hints of a Pixel Tablet Pro were discovered in the source code for Android. Before the end of 2023, we might see more than one variant available to shoppers.

Only 64-bit Android 13 may be included with the Google Pixel tablet

Ignoring for the moment the rumour about the Pixel Tablet Pro, based on what we've heard so far, this seems very similar to a budget Android tablet — something inexpensive and cheery for browsing social networking sites, checking email, and consuming media in general.

You might just have noticed that Amazon has just upgraded their 8-inch Amazon Fire HD tablets. This tablet series provides excellent enough tablet specifications at a price that is not very costly at all. The tablet's regular edition, which comes with 32GB of storage, will cost you $99 if you are in the US and £99 if you are in the UK.

There are a large number of more potential candidates in this race as well. The 8-inch Nokia T10 was introduced earlier this year, and it costs £129 in the UK, which is approximately $140 USD. The device comes with 32GB of storage space.

That is the marketplace that Google is entering with its Pixel Tablet, and the company will be hoping that its mix of streamlined hardware, streamlined software, and an appealing price will be enough to shift a significant number of these devices.

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