This deconstruction video of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 shows it everything.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has been subjected to harsh “durability testing” earlier this month, during which it was scratched, burned, and (attempted to be) bent; while the device survived and continued to function, it exhibited some strange behaviour, such as making popping noises when bent backwards and eventually becoming unable to close all the way.

So intriguing, as Zack (JerryRigEverything) is back at it once more. This time is taking apart the exact same device (Galaxy Z Flip4) that was subjected to the test in order to determine what caused the popping sounds. You can watch the whole thing in this video.

If you prefer getting a glimpse at how things work on the inside of the Galaxy Z Flip4, you are going to love this. The acrylic bezel bumpers and the protective covering atop the internal display are removed first. The screen is supported by a metal base, making its removal little less of a hassle than it would be otherwise.

The internals require a suction cup as well as a razor blade to be removed from the back. The primary camera sensor is noticeably larger than the ultra-wide one, and the hinge is noticeably different from that one in the the Galaxy Flip3. The popping sounds heard even during bend test remain a mystery to me, even after an internal inspection revealed that everything was in good working order. The icing on the cake is that, after being put back together, the phone really worked as expected. Amazing!

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