British mobile network operator & internet service provider, EE is giving its customers free Battery Power Bars to charge their phones when they run out of power. EE Customers are offered a free portable smartphone charger with unlimited swaps in store in the coming weeks. The scheme is designed to ensure that EE customers stay charged at all times with ‘never ending power’.

UK EE Free Power Battery Bars New

EE customers will be able to pick up a free Power Bar in any EE store by requesting a unique code via text. Once the EE Power Bar has been used to charge a device, customers can recharge the portable battery themselves or, if out and about, they can swap it for a fully-charged replacement bar at any EE store nationwide – for free and as many times as they like.

UK EE Free Power Battery Bars New 2

The EE Power Bars available to all EE Customers with a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month plan, whether for mobile or fixed line and broadband services. Pay As You Go customers can also participate, however, before qualifying for the offer they must have been with us for at least three months.

To obtain the free to hire Power Bar, mobile customers must text POWER to 365. Broadband customers must text JOIN plus your EE landline number to 60005 and follow the instructions provided. Texts cost 35p. Non-EE customers participate in EE Power, to join they just have to pay £20.

UK EE Free Power Battery Bars New 1

EE Power Bar specifications:

Capacity = 2600mAh – which is enough to charge a typical smartphone once
The EE Power Bar is rechargeable and has a guaranteed life of 500 charges
It features charging indicator lights that will show how much charge is in the power bar
It features an LED torch
It includes a micro USB lead that will be used to charge bar but also to charge the phone form the bar
It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the power bar from flat to full