UK Nanoco to sue Samsung in the UK and China for $500 million for infringing quantum dot technology

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UK Nanoco is considering filing more lawsuits against the South Korean tech giant Samsung in the UK and China as the battle heats up.

The London-based firm, Nanoco states that Samsung has used its quantum dot technology in its QLED TV without Nanoco’s permission, which is an infringement of Nanoco’s copyright.

The US Patent Trial and Appeal Board has ruled in favour of Nanoco earlier this year. This meant that the tech company could move forward with a David and Goliath style trial in Texas.

In court papers, Samsung said that it has never done anything that violates the law. However, according to the Daily Mail; Nanoco, which worth about £100 million, also said to have filed for an injunction in Germany to stop the South Korean company from selling its best-selling TV there.

The paper also said that Nanoco is getting ready and preparing due diligence on whether it can initiate further cases against Samsung in the UK and China.

Nanoco’s CEO Brian Tenner said, “We successfully established the validity of our patents in the US, Samsung’s largest market, so it makes sense we’d be actively exploring options in other territories”

City sources say that Nanoco could get as much as $500 million in damages if it wins the case and shows that Samsung broke the law.

Later this month, the Texas showdown between the two companies will take place. Samsung and Nanoco were not available to comment.

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