Used Xbox Series X Console Reaches £50,000 on eBay

Yep! You read it right! It seems that the shortage supply of the all-new Xbox Series X consoles have pushed the prices up – 100 times up! A used Xbox Series X 1TB console listed for sale in eBay’s auction for £499 has now insanely reached over £50,000 ($65,000)- actually £50,300.00 to be precise as I am writing this article, from 90 bids! You can check out the listing here (you might even want to bid on it 🙂 if you don’t mind the current price tag).

Due to the high demand and limited supply of the Xbox series X and also PlayStation PS5 the prices of these items on eBay are selling for insanely high for £1000s. The Xbox Series X console was made available for pre-order on 22nd September 2020, at 8am UK time at price of £449.99. The PS5 is around the same price. Both new gaming consoles went on sale 10th November, 2020. Due to the high demand the stock of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation PS5 were sold out very quickly, that’s why these items are now selling too high on eBay. But not £50k high! That’s just too high! Actually for the price, you can buy approx 100 Xbox Series X consoles!

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to pay that amount of money i.e £50,000 or £100,000 for a £449 gaming console! The Xbox Series X is expected to be back in stock in the UK around December 12, 2020! You should be able to order it directly from Argos, Currys or Very and save yourself a fortune! 😉

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