Xiaomi's next-generation smartphones will include Apple's Dynamic Island feature
Dynamic Island feature on Android phones (Internet)

Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature is expected to appear on future Xiaomi smartphones. According to various reports, Xiaomi is apparently developing a feature similar to Apple’s Dynamic Island for its next-generation smartphones.

There is no shortage of counterfeit iPhones on the market. As soon as Apple introduces its newest iPhones, a plethora of counterfeit devices with identical features enter the market. The freshly released iPhone 14 line is no different.

This time, though, prominent smartphone makers intend to imitate a famous iPhone 14 feature. If online rumours are to be believed, Xiaomi is developing a Dynamic Island-like functionality for its next smartphone devices.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Video

In other words, future Xiaomi devices may include a Dynamic Island-like function. Dynamic Island is the most remarkable feature of both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, for those who are unaware. These iPhones also include an incredible assortment of amazing capabilities, such as satellite connectivity and an always-on display.

iPhone users are now praising the new Dynamic Island notification section and other features. As a result, a slew of Android makers are apparently planning to emulate the path of the Cupertino-based tech titan. Notably, Android smartphone manufacturers are preparing to mimic the Dynamic Island functionality.

Apple Dynamic Island vs Android Dynamic Island Video

For Android phones running the MIUI skin, a Xiaomi theme developer just designed a Dynamic Island-style feature. Furthermore, currently the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is reportedly testing a new theme called Grumpy UI. However, this ostensible theme concept is in Chinese. As a result, it's uncertain whether the new theme design will be available on non-Chinese handsets after Xiaomi's clearance.

According to rumours, Xiaomi's forthcoming Redmi K60 smartphone would include a Dynamic Island-like function. This feature is expected to be called "Smart Island." The rumours began when Xiaomi President Lu Weibing responded to a Weibo user's question about whether they "truly need a smart Island" on their Xiaomi smartphones.

The Weibo user encouraged Xiaomi to include the top design element of the iPhone 14 Pro line in its future Redmi K60 smartphone. Other commenters appeared to concur that a Dynamic Island-style feature would boost the entire look of the next Redmi smartphone.

Apple’s Dynamic Island is coming soon to Android phones

The hype machine recently started spewing out suspicions about Xiaomi developing a Dynamic Island-style function for its future devices. According to other sources, Weibing was basically telling people that the feature isn't required on Xiaomi smartphones.

Furthermore, according to tech journalist Kacper Skrzypek, Xiaomi is not planning to add a Dynamic Island-like function to its smartphones. Furthermore, Xiaomi has yet to confirm or deny these rumours. Nonetheless, it will be intriguing to watch the popular feature of the iPhone 14 Pro make its way to next-generation Xiaomi phones.

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